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Shandong Gaifeng Machinery CO.,LTD was founded in 1994,which was principally engaged in research development and manufacture of precise spare part in early stage.With innovative thinking and professional mechanical processing skill.Gaifeng machinery focused on inventing brick paving machine machine since 2008.After three year’s hard exploration of Gaifeng people,the brick paving machine finally entered into market on 2011,which wins very high reputation in China. We are the only Chinese company with official patent in brick paving laying machine .Gaifeng continues to improve the brick paving machine according to customer’s demand. On May of 2012,Gaifeng paver brick laying machine was recommended and broadcasted by CCTV(the China official television station).Now Gaifeng machinery has developed four series of paver brick paving machine as per the paving width.That is GF-1.68,GF-3.5,GF-4.5 and GF-6. Gaifeng staff adhere to the policy that quality is everything and bring the German machine quality service to the world.
  • Road Brick Paving Machine GF-6
  • Road Brick Paving Machine GF-6 -

    Automatic road brick paving machine forms a complete working process from automatically calibrating to automatically paving process, After brick paving laying machine runs after ,a gap tight and tidy, beautiful new tile road will be showed in front of us.   Oversize 6000x1800x1800 mm Gross weight 3000 kgs Maximum Laying width 6m                 …

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  • GF-3.5 Tiger Stone Brick paving machine
  • GF-3.5 Tiger Stone Brick paving machine -

      Oversize              3500x1800x1800mm                                Gross weight                                                  2000kgs                                                  Maximum Laying width                                   3.2m                                                       Power                                                          3KW   Maximum running speed                                      4m per minute Minimum running speed                                     0.3m/minutes                                           Labor required                                                   6 person                                            Daily capacity                                                   500-700 m2                                              In the Chinese legendry story,the tiger is the king of all beasts ,which is the symbol of the braveness ,  wisdom and mascot. So,people in China would like to talk ‘A tiger…

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  • Paver brick laying machine GF-4.5
  • Paver brick laying machine GF-4.5 -

    GF-4.5 Automatic Paver brick laying machineconsists of eight major system,that is, mechanical transmission system, automatic scraping system, electrical control system, automatic positioning control system, conveying paving systems, electronic management systems, wireless operation control systems.   Oversize                                      …

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  • Small Paver brick laying machine GF-1.9
  • Small Paver brick laying machine GF-1.9 -

    GF-1.9 Small Paver brick paving machine parameter No.   Item  Parameter  1  Oversize  1900x1400x1150mm  2  Gross weight  200Kgs  3  Maximum Laying width  1600mm  4  Power  1.5KW  5  Maximum running speed  4m/minute  6  Minimum running speed  0.001m/min  7  Theoretical Daily capacity  400m2  8  Paving pattern  L shape,Herringbone,S shape etc Due to the trational big brick paver  machine is 3.5 m width at the least ,it is not convient to drive it in limited…

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