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Brick laying machine should be future trend for these brick roads constriction

Sep 18, 2014-China-The neatly bricks which has been on the road will give people very comfortable visual feeling With code neatly bricks laid the road looks beautiful, also very sturdy, but they are not common, the reason is that the bricks storing is a kind of super trouble and time-consuming work. However, this situation has been changed by Netherlands’ engineers. According to the news for the blog of famous China Brick laying machine manufacturer brickpavingmachine.com, the emergence of the high tech automatic brick machine can let the workers fast pave the road bricks like the covering for carpet, which could not only help people save energy but also let the worker enjoy the quite interesting operation.

The Netherlands brick paving machine has been named as “tiger stone”. As long as it passed the road, the sand based pavement will automatically leave the fitted brick road, which process looks like magic. As the introduction of China brick paving machine manufacturer brickpavingmachine.com, their own brick paving machine has same quality like the tiger stone but has cheap price.

The secret of “Tiger stone” automatic brick laying machine lies in its design based on gravity. In the working process, people should only put the constructed bricks into a feeding trough into perspective. As the slowly movement of this Brick laying machine, these bricks will be automatically packed together in the machine by gravity and then the shaped brick will be putted on the sand base pavement. When this machine forward slowly on the road, the operator could drive a small telescopic boom to closely follow this machine to fill enough bricks into this machine. Under the cooperation of these two machine, the laid of area of each day will be 400 square meters. Furthermore, the width of the laying can also be adjusted, which the most widely width is 6 meters.

The modern brick road already had a long history. This sort of road style has beautiful appearance, durable using period and it can withstand the test of low temperature and water. Even if cracks situation occur, it should be very convenient for people to finish the maintenance and replacement. Brick is easy to be produced and recycled and some new designed bricks can also guide the rainwater and make it into the ground and avoid heavy rain situation. So, it could better improve the status of the aquifer. This is why these designers who promote green building recently turned their head back to the building of brick road.

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