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Brick paving machine -Low cost investment bring you very encouraged profit !

Color road paver brick is widely used in garden and square project .The color paver brick road is low cost and beautiful .

In 1990′s,construction company prefered to employ 10 or 20 labours to pave the brick manully for 10-20 days .However.with the development of economy ,cost of workers double times than before . Due to the increase of labour cost,many designer has to change the traditional way to decorate the buildings according to construction company budeget request .

Meanwhile ,other paver material cost a lot ,such as stone slab .In same paving aera ,It is 3 times higher than concrere paver brick .Especially,it is not to find stone slab in many countries .

Absolutely,if a paver brick laying machine can pave the road prcisely and quickly ,it will do a big favor for constrcution companies in budget saving.

Gaifeng brick paving machine bring new business oppotunity to high cost labour countries,such as China,USA,Saudi Arabia ,Kwait ,Qatar,Oman,Brazil and other developed aeras.

It is mate for concrete block and brick machine .The manufacturer not only go to attend paving business ,but rent this machine to construction compoanies .

Low cost investment bring you very encouraged profit !

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