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Gaifeng paver laying machine China

A new machine takes away the pain of building brick roads.

Construction teams said these roads aren’t seen as often because of the effort required to make them, but a new machine makes laying a brick road as easily as laying carpet.

Inhabitat reported that an automatic Chinese paver laying machine, called the Gaifeng paver laying machine , is has an angled plain that workers feed with paving stones or bricks. The electric crawler machine inches forward along a sand-base layer as bricks are packed together by gravity.

One to three human operators stand on the machine’s platform and feed the bricks.

Built-in sensors follow the curbs, helping the machine stay on track.

Conventional pavers working on their hands and knees and shoving the bricks together may manage between 60 and 90 square meters of road a day, while the Gaifeng paver laying machine is said to be able to handle 260-310 square meters.

Machinery experts said another benefit is that the machine is electrically powered and has few moving parts, so there is minimum noise and maintenance.

A smaller version that could be rented for creating paths has been created.

See a video of the machine at work.

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