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Incredible machine that lays out a carpet of bricks removing back-breaking hard work

Building new roads can be an arduous and back-breaking task but thanks to a Dutch inventor, paving is now as simple as rolling out a carpet.

The amazing machine from famous China supplier www.brickpavingmachine.com can create an instant road wherever it travels, laying out bricks information to create perfect paving.

While the process may look magical, the secret behind the invention lies in a smartly-designed gravity-based system.

Brick roads have long been sought-after due to their attractiveness and durability but have become less common because of the labor-intensive work that goes into laying them, compared to other road surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

However, with the brick laying machine from brickpavingmachine.com, workers are able to lay out 400 square meters of new road every day, using paving stones or bricks, compared to a single conventional paver on their hands and knees who would only be able to manage between 75 and 100 square meters.

The machine is the brainchild of Henk van Kuijk, director of Dutch industrial company Vanku, who came up with his ground-breaking invention after deciding that squatting or kneeling down to place the bricks into the ground by hand was too much like hard work.

The device, which is as wide as a road and comes in four, five and six-meter widths, is fed loose bricks and lays them out onto the road as it slow moves along.

The tread-tracked machine is electrically-powered, and has few moving parts, so noise and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

Once the bricks are in place, all a contractor has to do is go over the new road surface with a tamper, and the new highway is complete.

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