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Maintenance methods for the brick laying machine from Shandong Gaifeng

If the user of the brick laying machine does not use their machine for long period of time, they need to pay more attention to the maintenance for long term parking. If the parking time for pavers will be kept as long as three months, each user needs to maintain their machine according to the following requirements which had been arranged by editor from famous paver machine manufacturer which name is Shandong Gaifeng machinery CO., LTD.

First, people need to do such long-term parking technical maintenance according to all of these requirements in the instructions of the machine. The most important step for these technical maintaining should be the anti-rusty treatment. However, other maintaining steps are also very necessary.

Second, people need to carefully clean the surface of the inner and outer the machine, surface of hopper, screed, Spiral feeding device and scraper conveyor devices. The machine should be better to be parked in the warehouse. If there is no place in the warehouse and people have no choice but put the Gaifeng Paving Machine (www.brickpavingmachine.com )on the open air, people need to choose the place where has good ventilated and the machine must be covered with canvas.

Thirdly, the screed of the paver laying machine must be padded up by some solid wood panel. On the other hand, other parts such as hopper, leveling cylinders and others need to be fully recovered and coated with lubricated grease.

Fourthly, for the brick laying machine which should be parked for long period of time, the host of this machine device should only be equipped with the basically parts of ironing device and basic materials segment portion.

Sixthly, all of supplied accessories of the paver laying machine need to be carefully done the excellent rusty treatment after carefully cleaning and all of these accessories should be placed in a clean and airy room. Otherwise, the rusty situation will easily appear on the surface of these accessories.

At last, each operator for paver laying machine should not forget to add the new lubricated oil or lubricated grease into the related lubrication point on these machine. Otherwise, the lacking situation of these lubricated oil will cause into the rusty of these parts.

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