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Need a brick road in a hurry? Call for the Brick Laying Machine from brickpavingmachine.com

Sep 19, 2014-China-If you have ever laid brick pavers on your property or on someone else’s, you know all too well what a tiring and tedious job it can be. Now just imagine all that tedium and back-breaking work multiplied if you had to install a brick road. Thankfully technology from famous China paving machine manufacturer brickpavingmachine.com has come a long way to help the brick road builder with a new machine that seemingly defies physics and lays out the road like unrolling a carpet.

This semi-automatic brick laying machine from brickpavingmachine.com helps brick road builders save time and their backs by using a brick hopper and slow release system that make the brick road installation almost seem magical. Small bulldozers load material into the hopper of the brickpavingmachine.com and workers need simply to line up the bricks depending on the design of the road ordered.

As long as you have a proper sand base and plenty of bricks to feed this brick laying machine, this machine can help workers lay up to 400 square yards of brick road a day. It makes me wish I had a small version of this machine to help lay a new path in the front yard.

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About Shandong Gaifeng Machinery CO., LTD

Shandong Gaifeng Machinery CO., LTD was founded in 1994, which was principally engaged in research development and manufacture of precise spare part in early stage. With innovative thinking and professional mechanical processing skill, Gaifeng machinery focused on inventing brick paving machine since 2008.After three year’s hard exploration of Gaifeng people, the brick paving machine finally entered into market on 2011, which wins very high reputation in China.


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