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Strong points of the brick laying machines from brickpavingmachine.com

Sep 17, 2014-China-There are many advantages of the brick laying machine from famous China related manufacturer www.brickpavingmachine.com . Today, the technician from this China supplier will introduce with people these strong points.

Summed up the strong points of automatic brick laying machine from brickpavingmachine.com, it is not hard for people to find that the main advantages of these laying machines could be concentrated in two aspects. One is that the birth of automatic brick laying machine is expected to end the pavers hunched over history and it could greatly reduce the labor intensity of the bricks laying work. The historical significance of this machine is as crucial as the rice transplanter which had been created by Italy of 1915.

But, it is important to note that the automatic brick laying machine from China already eliminated the bending over but it could not save other heavy labor work. In the working process, the operator for the automatic brick machine should level off the road in front of the work and the working process need one to three workers to move bricks and bricks, which says that these workers need to arrange these filling bricks according to certain sequence to neatly from exports.

Second, the automatic brick machine can greatly improve work efficiency. In accordance with report from brickpavingmachine.com, the brick machine should be operated by five to six people. The meters wide roads can be laid brick surface for more than 100 square meters per hour. While it is for former period of time, ach skilled worker could be only laid 30 square meters of road of per day. From this data, people could find that the automatic brick paving machine should be much faster and more efficient than manual work.

Furthermore, the automatic brick laying machine also has another advantages which is that machine could let the brick arranging become very neatly by the natural gravity. The road compaction level which through the brick laying machine is much better than that of the road which be laid by the artificial laying process. Therefore, after the completion of the work by the related professional machine, the road could be immediately putted into normally using. However, the brick road which be laid by manual work could not be used immediately.

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