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The brick-road-laying machine from China supplier brickpavingmachine.com

Laying down paving bricks is back-breaking, time-consuming work… or at least, it is if you do it the usual way. The director of famous brick laying machine manufacturer from China brickpavingmachine.com evidently decided that squatting or kneeling and shoving the bricks into place on the ground were just a little too slow, so he invented the Tiger Stone paving machine. The road-wide device is fed loose bricks, and lays them out onto the road as it slowly moves along. A quick going-over with the tamper and you’ve got an instant brick road.

One to three human operators stand on the platform of the brickpavingmachine.com, and move loose bricks by hand from its hopper to its sloping “pusher” slot – the bricks do have to be fed into the pusher in the desired finished pattern. From there, gravity causes them to slide together, in one road-wide sheet, down onto the sand.

The tread-tracked machine is electrically-powered, and has few moving parts, so noise and maintenance are kept to a minimum. It stays on course thanks to built-in sensors, which follow the curbs. According to brickpavingmachine.com, a machine with two operators can pave at least 300 square meters of road per day, whereas a single conventional paver on their hands and knees manages between 75 and 100.

The machine from brickpavingmachine.com is available in four, five and six-meter (13, 16 and 20 foot) widths, and costs from €60,000 to €80,000 (US$81,485 to $108,655). There’s no doubt that a lot of home-owners would like to see a much smaller version that they could rent for creating garden paths and patios.

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Shandong Gaifeng Machinery CO., LTD was founded in 1994, which was principally engaged in research development and manufacture of precise spare part in early stage. With innovative thinking and professional mechanical processing skill. Gaifeng machinery focused on inventing brick paving machine since 2008.After three year’s hard exploration of Gaifeng people, the brick paving machine finally entered into market on 2011,which wins very high reputation in China.


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